Niel Nickolaisen

Author, Chief Technology Officer, OC Tanner Company

In an age when things move and change at the speed of technology and when technology change is accelerating, we need to transform how we think and lead. In this session, Niel Nickolaisen shares four concrete models any leader can use to:

  • Focus innovation where it matters most
  • Clean up legacy messes as a way to increase organizational speed
  • Define a business architecture that is built for speed
  • Change how we view our role and focus our efforts on building a culture of trust and ownership

Niel Nickolaisen :

Niel Nickolaisen is the CTO at OC Tanner. He has held technology executive and operations executive positions; typically, in turnaround roles. He has a passion for helping others deliver on what he considers to be the three roles of IT leadership: 1) Enable strategy and 2) Achieve operational excellence and 3) Create a culture of trust and ownership.

He holds a MS in Engineering from MIT, a BS in Physics from Utah State University, and an MBA from Utah State University.

He writes an enterprise CIO column for SearchCIO. He is the author of "The Agile Culture" (2014, Addison Wesley) and "Stand Back and Deliver" (Addison Wesley, 2009). Niel was the winner of the 2015 Proph IT award.

Niel Nickolaisen
Chief Information Officer, OC Tanner
1930 South State Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84115
801.483.8333 / nnick@octanner.com