Loan Origination


  • Credit analysis for all types of conventional and SBA products
  • Designed templates to meet regulatory requirements
  • SBA eligibility review to meet SOP requirements
  • An initial environmental screen is completed on all commercial real estate


  • All documents are completed in LaserPro
  • Closing documents meet regulations for all 50 states
  • Dedicated license purchased for each institution
  • Document only

Appraisal & Environmental Report Reviews

  • Third party review of all appraisal and environmental reports
  • Detailed review of report to determine accuracy and completeness
  • Recommendations provided by MBL on approval/denial of the report
  • Summary review report provided with each review to satisfy regulatory requirements


Loan Accounting

  • Payment and disbursement tracking for conventional and SBA loans
  • SBA 1502 reporting and exception coordination with Colson Services
  • Monthly billing statements
  • Standard and customized reporting
  • Web-based access and core system connectivity to real-time loan information and processing of payments and disbursements.

Electronic Files

  • Audit ready electronic files available to the lending institution
  • Exception reports sent to credit union weekly requesting missing documents
  • Files can be viewed online or shared as a PDF document


  • UCC filing tracked for lien position and renewal needs
  • The lending institution is directly notified on any alerts which could affect lien position
  • Insurance is tracked and renewals are requested on an annual basis
  • Property tax monitoring is available on all commercial properties

Annual Loan Reviews

  • An annual review is completed on all loans serviced by MBL
  • A report is provided for each loan and included in the electronic loan file
  • MBL can assist with the request for updated financial information each year from the borrower
  • An annual review can be completed for loans not serviced by MBL

Secondary Market

  • MBL will market the guaranteed portion of SBA loans
  • A relationship has been established with wide array of investor groups to produce the highest premium
  • Required secondary market documents will be completed by MBL on behalf of the credit union
  • Our servicing group will manage requirements between SBA and investor
  • Full-service of reporting requirements provided to SBA and credit union