About Us

Member Business Lending (MBL) is a credit union service organization (CUSO) established in 2004 which has built a strong reputation among regulators and credit unions for our Commercial Lending and SBA Lending expertise and efficiencies. MBL’s corporate office is located in Utah and provides comprehensive business lending services to credit unions across the nation.

Our mission is to guide our family of credit unions to excellent lending experiences, which in turn allows them to deliver the best products and services to their members. MBL creates a competitive advantage for the credit union as it allows the credit union to have a back room and support operation which ultimately aids you with reducing expenses while increasing productivity.

Realizing that every client has a unique need, we can provide services and solutions based on your needs. Time is money and we recognize that your staffing, training and knowledge of commercial lending process is always a moving target. MBL provides a consistent and reliable process which promotes quality and quantitative solutions for building a credit union’s business lending portfolio.

As we focus on our vision to be the foremost provider of commercial lending services to the credit union industry, we focus on 3 key guiding principles:

  • Motivate - An externally driven focus on customers and their experience
  • Build - An internal focus on improving ourselves to be the best we can be
  • Lead - An ongoing drive to progress as a team with our colleagues and clients

Our goal is to motivate our family of credit unions through sustained relationships based on caring, trust and recognition. We have built our foundation on employees that exercise integrity; strive for continued personal growth and improvement; and who hold themselves accountable for their behavior, actions and results - both individually and as a team. Together with our family of credit unions, we will continue to lead the credit union industry through simplification, innovation and empowerment.